Fab Bag January 2018

Fab Bag January 2018

Fab Bag January 2018

Fab Bag January 2018 was quite a surprise! It had not one but two products from my favorite brand. I think I was pretty much joyful at that alone. This is the first time seeing a bronzer in the beauty bag and I couldn’t be happier! Plus I was given the choice to pick my shade, how awesome is that!

Honestly, getting a choice to choose the shade I would love to try is the best part. In that context, though I love Ipsy bag too, I never got to choose any product with them till date! So you can imagine why I love the Fab Bag so much!


Buy here – Fab Bag


Anyways, here are the products from Fab Bag January 2018 –

Fab Bag January 2018



SUGAR Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Lipstick – 07 Viola


Price – ₹ 625 for 2.5gms


SUGAR Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Lipstick Collection is one of their best so far! And if you haven’t checked out these stunning lip crayons yet, I insist you do!

Viola is a pretty every day shade. Since it’s a soft color, it very much looks fabulous with any outfit. I personally love it with my black outfits and/or heavily kohled eyes.

And since it’s a mini, it’s perfect for travel too!



SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Bronzer – 02 Woody Wonder

Full Size

Price – ₹ 399


I am not much of a contour person but once a while I do love to try it out to see if I can work with it into my routine. That said, I love how convenient it is to carry around too. Packaging is simple and fuss-free, plus I think I picked the correct shade (am not expert in matters of contour)



Nirvaana Handmade Soap – Orange Honey

Full Size

Price – ₹ 200


I am yet to try this one but Orange and Honey is definitely my kind of thing. For first impressions, this is without a doubt smells wonderful and I can’t wait to try. Will keep you posted on this one once I have used enough to share my opinion with you.



Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips Full Body Waxing Kit (Normal Skin)

Full Size

Price – ₹ 99


I have used their wax strips earlier and find them pretty amusing, fuss free and easy to use. These are perfect to carry when in travel,



Vedantika Herbals LemonGrass Face Wash


Price – ₹ 150 for 50ml


Did I mention, I love the scent of lemongrass? Plus, these sample sized products are just perfect for travel. So I am saving this one for my upcoming travel!



Acnes Purifying Clarifying Face Wash

2 Sachets

Price – ₹ 5 per sachet


For starters, I love the idea of sachets for a face wash. These are quite handy to take around and would be perfect for travel too.

Since I have no acne problem at the moment, I am saving this for later!



So those were the products in my Fab Bag January 2018. 


Have you got yours yet? Which product is your most favorite?



Much Love


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Fab Bag December 2017

Fab Bag December 2017

Fab Bag December 2017


Fab Bag December 2017 is the last bag of the year and I must confess, it hasn’t disappointed me at all! There are so many subscription bags out there and honestly, this one takes my heart always!

They come up with some interesting bags every month (did I say I am an ardent fan of their bags alone?) and I often see Sugar Cosmetics newest launches only with them! If you are new here, yes I love Sugar Cosmetics and Fab Bag has always won my heart by sending in their new products! I mean their 1 product (which is always the full size) covers the price of the Fab Bag plus I always gets to choose; now how insane is that!


Anyways, here’s what I got in Fab Bag December 2017

Fab Bag December 2017 Fab Bag December 2017

SUGAR Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Quad in Promiscuous

Full Size

Price – 599 ₹

I am not much of an eye makeup person, I often like to keep it simple with kohl and opt for smokey eyes. But having this in hand, I did give it a try and I must say I am in love!

The color pay off is very good and I love how simple and clean the palette itself looks. And for that price, it’s definitely a deal!

Here’s what it looks like –

Fab Bag December 2017

*Here I have used Taupe Grey only



Alanna Desiccated Coconut and Saffron Skin Brightening Scrub


Price – 340 ₹ for 20 gm

I am yet to try this but the fact that the scrub has desiccated coconut reminds me of tropical vacations. And I love the idea of using natural ingredients when it comes to scrubs. These products are environment-friendly!

I have saved this for the coming weekend (let’s hope it’s worth it), so will keep you updated if I liked it!



Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel

Full Size

Price – 249 ₹

I haven’t swatched this color yet but by the looks of it, I love it. It’s a soft and natural color and is perfect for the season. And I love a good nail polish any day!



Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream


Price – 26 ₹ for 10gm

This is one brand am not really excited about, but cocoa butter and vanilla sound pretty good. I might give this a try, will keep you posted on that!



Bliscent Peppermint Foot Soak

Full Size

Price – 200 ₹

This one came just in time! I love foot soaks, I am all about foot spas at home when it comes to winter pampering. I kinda liked this one, though peppermint is not my favorite thing for winter.


You can get your bag here


So those are the products that came in Fab Bag December 2017. It has 3 full-size products and 2 samples, where full-sized products alone are worth more than 1000 ₹.



What do you think of this month’s bag? Love it?

As for me, I can’t wait to see what surprises they are going to send in 2018.




Much Love


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Fab Bag September 2017

Fab Bag September 2017

Fab Bag September 2017



Fab bag September 2017 was bang on time. At first look, the bag was quite impressive. Like I said before, I love the pouches the Fab bag sends across. And this time too it was quite impressive. It’s a white bag with the pearlescent like finish. That aside, fab bag contents got me super excited. With two make up products and three for skin care, September bag has to be my one of favorites in the recent past.


Here are the contents of Fab Bag September 2017




Seasoul Moisture Matte Lipstick in shade ML 12 (Coral)


Full Size

Price – 530 ₹


Seasoul has impressed me quite a lot with this one lipstick. It is not only a gorgeous shade with non-drying Matte formula, its packaging is simple and easy to carry around. I can’t wait to swatch this on my lips and show you but you have to wait till the weekend for the Instagram post.



Sugar Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer in shade Rock and Rose


Price – 299 ₹


Sugar Cosmetics has recently launched their new collection. These metallic colors from the new Tip Tac Toe nail lacquer Collection have six new gorgeous shades and I received the shade Rock and Rose. It is a beautiful metallic Rose pink shade. This color suits any Indian skin tone and is perfect for any party or festive occasion. Here you can check out the swatches of the same and other colors from this collection.



Iraa Instarenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream


Price – 490 ₹ for 20 gms


Iraa is definitely a new brand for me but going through some reviews online I can’t wait to give this a try. I will share more about my experience soon!


Tvakh Midas Touch Ultra Nourishing Lip Tint


Price – 195 ₹


This one came in a cute little pot. Easy to carry around, this one leaves a faint color behind which I love.

What’s so catchy about this product is that it has a golden shimmer on the top. You apply that, the lip balm looks quite fascinating with a touch of gold.

Scrape off the top layer and it reveals beautiful terracotta brown. Though it’s not as dark on the lips as it shows in the pot, color is quite visible when you apply this balm.

With Balm like texture and beautiful hint of color, this is one thing you should certainly try out soon.



Tvakh Ce-Namon Lip Plumper

Full Size

Price – 225 ₹


This product was not mentioned in the info card, so am assuming I got an extra product for myself this month.

Unfortunately, lip plumper is not something I need or want to try. So this might likely go into the waiting stash until someone wants to pick it. Or I might someday want to give a try just to see what it does to my lips.

For now, I really don’t have much to say about this one!



Seer Bergamot and Raw Sandal Energising Yoghurt Enzyme Body Cleanse

Price – 72 ₹ for 30 ML


I heard so much about the Seer products by now, that I am super excited to find one in my bag. Plus, I love products that are related to body care. I can’t wait to try it this weekend and see how it works for me.




Overall it is an amazing bag this month. I loved the Seasoul lipstick quite a lot and I am looking forward to checking out the other shades in their collection as well.


That said, if you haven’t tried Sugar Cosmetics Nail Lacquers, it is time you do. They are the bomb!




Until next time….



Much Love



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Fab Bag July 2017

Fab Bag July 2017

Fab Bag July 2017


Fab Bag July 2017 was particularly a much-awaited one for me. If you ask me why you are definitely living under the rock!


Again, Sugar Cosmetics is back with a bang and their new collection of lippies is to die for! I have been eyeing their Matte as Hell Crayons new collection and as expected Fab Bag July 2017 had one. And if you have been following me for a while, you know nothing makes me happier than a good lipstick!


Here are the contents of the Fab Bag July 2017

Fab Bag July 2017


Sugar Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick in Jackie Brown

Full Size

Price – 799  ₹

Buy – Jackie Brown


This shade is a total bomb! I have been loving warm toned lipsticks quite a lot and this shade is just what I was hoping it would be.

Jackie Brown is beautiful terracotta brown with strong undertones of red. Imagine a super red brick color but in a softer hue.

Here’s a swatch –

Fab Bag July 2017

I love the fact that this shade can be toned up or down according to the mood. A gentle smudge of the lipstick with the finger tip softens this beauty to a subtle red-brown color which is spectacular when you don’t want to overdo your Lipper.

I have also tried adding a tiny bit of pink (Sugar Cosmetics Rose Dawson) to give a subtle pop of color and it looks amazing. And it stayed all night without a touch-up – survived popcorn, snacks and some munchies too! Need to say more?



KronoKare Hydrate The Hair Shampoo

Price – 165  ₹ for 55 ml


I have heard good raves of this brand, so I hope one day I push myself to try their products until then this is definitely a miss.



Just Herbs Enriched Skin Tint

Price – 385  ₹ for 15 gm


I have read so much about this tint from other bloggers that I wanted to try one soon. And am so happy Fab Bag included this in this month’s bag.

It’s quite a decent sized sample so it would be more than convenient to try this couple of times before concluding.

Have you tried this tint from Just Herbs yet?



Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alcohol-Free Toner

Price – 160  ₹ for 50 ml


This brand is definitely new to me, but the sound of Fruit Enzyme and Alcohol-Free in the toner sounds pretty amazing to me.

And since I made up my mind (no idea why I can’t get myself to use a toner daily) to get back to using a toner again in my skincare routine, trying this out would be total fun!




So those were the products from this month’s Fab Bag. Have you booked your Fab Bag July 2017 yet?




Much Love

Fab Bag May 2017

Fab Bag May 2017

Fab Bag May 2017

Fab Bag May 2017 came with another pretty looking holiday themed bag. I love when I get bags like these; they make such pretty companions to stock and save stuff when I go tripping. That aside, I have more reasons to love this month’s bag.

Fab Bag – This time, Last year!

Here are the Fab Bag May 2017 contents –

Fab Bag May 2017

Fab Bag May 2017



Essence Maximum Volume Mascara

Full size

Price – 349 ₹


This is my favorite of all from this month’s fab bag. I love kajal and mascara any day and they are pretty much the only thing I reach out to every time go out (other than foundation and lipstick). So I couldn’t be happier when I saw this in the bag. I really can’t wait to try this out and see if it makes into my repurchase-favorites list.



Johara Pro Shine Nail Color in Golden Glimpse

Full size

Price – 250 ₹


This is the one I must say disappointed me quite a bit. But unfortunately, there is no way we can update the beauty profile (or is it?) about my preference of colors. I am more into classics, neutrals, and pastels at the moment. And not quite liking the metallics and the mattes. So, unfortunately, this is something I am giving it away to someone who would enjoy it.



Soap Square Foot Soak

Price – 400 ₹ for 140 gm


This is another product am so curious about. It’s a rare occasion to see products that are related to foot care, so this is such a welcome. Plus, after the vacation and my hectic schedule, my feet definitely need some TLC.

This is on my top to do list come this weekend.



Inatur Olive Cleansing Milk

Full size

Price – 225 ₹


Cleansing oils and cleansing milks are so much raved everywhere, I can’t wait to try this brand. Though I have heard of them, I haven’t tried any products from their brand yet. So this makes it perfect to give a shot. Plus, cleansing milk sounds super good since I am tired of trying micellar waters.



Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

Price – 100 ₹ for 2 pads


These came so nicely packed I had to immediately put one each in two of my handbags. They not only look nice and neat but don’t give any clue that it has a sanitary pad inside.

Plus did you know these pads have a cotton top sheet and bamboo charcoal strip to kill the odor?

Now that’s a big plus!

But that comes with a price. These are priced slightly higher than the regular ones. Seeing premium product samples is always the best feeling. No?



Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin

Full Size

Price – 99 for a pack of 8 strips


I haven’t waxed in ages now (I shave) and it’s the perfect chance to give waxing a try again. If this works as good as it claims, I would be more than happy to stock up on these. On a side note, these are travel-friendly and I can’t wait to give this a try.



Fab Bag May 2017 has 4 full sized products and 2 samples with 1 being a premium product. All this in a travel themed pretty bag! What’s not to love?



Have you got your Fab Bag yet? What’s your favorite?




Much Love


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February Fab Bag 2017

February Fab Bag 2017

February Fab Bag 2017


February Fab Bag 2017 for me came in pretty late! I wonder if all those previous months I have been jinxing myself saying all the time that it came in early. Well, that changed and Fab Bag coming late this time!


But then again, this month’s Fab Bag was so worth waiting for! The main highlight is definitely the Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in Brazen Raisin.

It is the new launch from the brand and it’s damn good!

One of the best things about Fab Bag is that they often give a choice of product. And most of the times, it’s from newly introduced or launched products. Now, what’s not to love about this bag!


Here are February Fab Bag 2017 contents


Sugar Smudge Me Not Lipstick in Brazen Raisin

Full Size

Price – 499 ₹


This is the new launch by Sugar Cosmetics and when got a choice I picked Brazen Raisin. It is one of the best liquid lipsticks I have tried so far! I absolutely love the formula of this collection and it’s reasonably priced too. While I must say am hooked on to Rust Lust at the moment, Brazen Raisin will be my all time favorite!


Matra Holistic Lip Care – Strawberry

Full Size

Price – 199 ₹


This is another new brand that got introduced this month. Finding a lip care product with matte liquid lipstick is one of the best things to happen. I think that was pretty thoughtful too!

Since the matte lip colors tend to dry out lips quite a lot, having a lip balm handy is pure bliss!

Plus what’s better than trying out a new brand altogether!



Just Herbs Livelyclean Honey Exfoliating Face Gel

Size – 50 ml

Price – 230 ₹


Honestly, I have grown to like this brand lately. I first tried Malabar LemonGrass Invigorating Body Wash from August Fab Bag and then Aloe Vera Facial Massage Gel from November Fab bag, and since then there is no going back!

Besides, honey exfoliating face gel sounds too good to pass.



Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral & Flirty Blush Seduction Fleurie

Full Size

Price – 299 ₹


This isn’t my first time trying Batiste, so am sure pretty happy to find this mini dry shampoo from them. And with summer just around the corner and travel on the mind, this is just perfect!



So those were the contents of February Fab Bag 2017. With 3 full sized products, February Fab Bag turned out to be pretty awesome.



Have you got your bag already? What are your favorites?



Get yours here – http://www.fabbag.com/


Wanna see what all they sent out in the year 2016? Go here –http://www.thelipstickaddict.com/fab-bag/




Much Love


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January Fab Bag 2017

January Fab Bag 2017

January Fab Bag 2017


January Fab Bag 2017 came in much earlier than expected (as usual). It was rather a pleasant surprise since it was the first thing that came to my doorstep in the New Year. I really haven’t gotten over the NYE hangover yet and there I see the Fab Bag. I must say, Fab Bag never ceases to impress me and definitely thankful to the team who worked hard while we were still lost in hangovers! Anyways, here are the contents of this month’s bag.


Contents of January Fab Bag 2017

January Fab Bag 2017

bob wigs

Manna Kadar LipLocked Priming Wand – Joie

Full size – 1799 ₹

This is the reason I have been so eager about this month’s bag. It is a lip crayon from the brand called Manna Kadar. It is beautiful soft muted rose pink color which is perfect for daytime wear plus it is also a lovely color to wear during the winter(whatever is left, that is) and would be just the right color to help transition into Spring/Summer.

I have loved soft and muted tones in lip colors and this definitely has entered my favorite list already!

*More on this soon


O3+ Derma Fresh Mask

Full Size – 425 ₹

This is the first product I would be testing out from this brand. I did hear quite rave reviews of this brand but unfortunately never got a chance around to try. Besides, I have been on a skincare shopping spree and this has just come in time.

I can’t wait to see how this one fairs on my skin. Plus, it’s a face mask, what’s not to love?


MCaffeine Neem Caffeine Face Wash


Price – 449 ₹ for 150 ml

This is another new brand that’s been introduced in this month’s fab bag (besides Manna Kadar and o3+). While the color of the product and the packaging doesn’t seem to excite much, ingredients seem to be quite good.

I might give this a try depending on the mood, will keep you posted!


The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood – Turmeric Anti-Blemish Cream


Price – 895 ₹ for 50 ml

I wish this one was a full sized product. For one, this smells lovely and anything that has turmeric, I love to try. I am testing out this product at the moment and I can’t wait to see if I love it or not.

Hoping this one makes into *To Buy List*, can’t wait to see!



Wella EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion


Price – 900 ₹ for 100 ml


BB Lotion for hair! If you thought it’s for your face, trust me, you weren’t alone!

I totally got confused last time and assumed it to be a makeup product, thanks to Meg for pointing out. Now am much curious about this product than before and I can’t wait to see how this works. For sure, calling it BB lotion is like messing with our heads (to start with) but then I think it’s a clever way to get all the attention! I heard about BB Lotion for hair for the first time, so believe me when I say am super excited for this.

I just hope this works well enough on blonde colored wigs too. And if it does and works as great as it claims, I am so looking forward to getting a full size. Like I said, Wella is one of my favorite brands and their products have always been amazing.

Now this is definitely a favorite from this month’s bag!

With the products from 3 new brands, 2 skincare products, 1 makeup product and 1 Hair care product; January Fab Bag 2017 started off pretty good than imagined. I can’t wait to see, what’s store in coming months.



What is your favorite from this month’s bag? Get yours here – http://www.fabbag.com/


Wanna see what all they sent out in the year 2016? Go here – http://www.thelipstickaddict.com/fab-bag/



Much Love



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December Fab Bag 2016

December Fab Bag 2016

December Fab Bag 2016


December Fab Bag 2016 came in early. I was pretty excited this time around as I chose “Be a Bombshell Lip Stain in Intoxicated” as one of the products for this month’s Fab Bag.

Two things make me extremely happy – when I get to choose a product and when that product is a lip color.

So naturally, I couldn’t wait to see how this lip stain looked like. And oh boy, it is such a gorgeous shade! I am so glad I chose the shade Intoxicated – it is such a beautiful dark berry lip shade which is also a perfect winter color. I seriously can’t wait to show you how gorgeous this looks, plus it stays on for a very long time! So yay!

And if you are anything like me, then you’d know this already is my favorite from the December Fab Bag.


Here are the December Fab Bag 2016 contents –

December Fab Bag 2016


Be a Bombshell Lip Stain – Intoxicated

Full Size

Price – 750 ₹

This is definitely the highlight of this month’s bag. It’s been a while since I tried a lip stain so it was wonderful to see one from a brand like Be a Bombshell.

Plus it is a full sized product worth 750 ₹, so what’s not to love?

Besides, I can’t count how many times this would come handy since its no-mess fuss free lip color. And it is also a lovely wintery festive shade and a perfect addition to the makeup bag be it for travel or simply as a backup option in the handbag for touchups.

Here’s the swatch for you –

December Fab Bag 2016


Iba Halal Care Nourishing Foot Massage Cream

Full size

Price – 95 ₹

I did read good reviews about this brand from another blogger a while ago. So I definitely have high hopes for this one. Plus, it’s another full sized product in this month’s bag. Now that’s a double treat!

Besides, it smells like Jasmine, an absolute favorite! That said, with temperatures consistently dropping often, I definitely need extra care for my feet. I can’t wait to see how this turns out for me!


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

60 ml

Price – 460 ₹

Body and face oils have been on my mind for a while now and seeing this one coming from a brand like Palmer’s, am more than happy.

Palmer’s is pretty popular for their skincare products; I had a chance to try their body butter and body lotion but never the oil. So am glad I got a chance to try this one!

This oil claims to improve the appearance of  dry & damaged skin, uneven Skin tone, aging skin, pigmentation, scars and stretch marks; now that’s something I am so looking forward to seeing how much it will stand up to its claims. Will keep you posted on this one!


Natural Bath & Body Thank God Its Friday Hair Mist

100 ml

Price – 525 ₹

This is one brand that took me by surprise altogether. Their body mist from November bag is definitely my everyday go-to mist at the moment. It refreshing and quite different from what I have been using till date, so I can’t wait to see how this hair mist turns out to be.

That said, hair mists are totally new to me. I did read and hear about the hair mists before but never tried one till date. So yes pretty excited about this one as well.


Overall, I pretty much loved everything from the December Fab Bag 2016. Now am impatient and eager to see what Fab Bag has in store for the coming year 2017.

I indeed enjoyed all the bags they sent out this year, I hope they excel the expectations like always and make us super happy the coming year too!


What did you like from December Fab Bag 2016? Which lip stain did you choose?


Wanna see what all they sent out in the year 2016? Go here – http://www.thelipstickaddict.com/fab-bag/



Much Love


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November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016 came in pretty early this time. I love to see the beauty bags pouring in the beginning of the month, it helps me to plan my beauty purchases or repurchases for that month quite well. There were times when I have delayed my purchasing something as I wanted to wait and try the sample I know is coming in that month. I think trying out samples have definitely made my life much simpler and hassle free and I can’t seem to get enough of these beauty bags already.
So without further ado, here’s what I got in November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016

Natural Bath & Body Beautiful Day Body Mist

Price 325 ₹ for 200 ml

Buy here – Nykaa

Beautiful Day Body Mist has blends of floral top notes with nuances of fresh zesty-ness. An infusion of Organic Vegetable glycerin makes this Body Mist gentle on the skin. And it’s quite refreshing and pleasant from the usual body mists I have.

One plus point with this one is, it makes a great body mist for everyday wear as it stays all day long. I think I found my new favorite already!


Just Herbs Aloe Vera Facial Massage Gel

Price – 445 ₹ for 100 gm

Buy here – Fab Bag

Aloe Vera is quite known for its moisturizing and the anti-aging properties. Unlike other anti-aging products which slightly have side effects (many tend to thin the skin) this works wonders with nothing of those.

You know am not a fan of Just Herbs in particular, but I have heard quite a lot about this product so I gave a try. And I am pleasantly surprised that I quite like it. It’s very soothing (though I prefer it not to show any cooling effects, it’s pretty cool as such here .. lol) and my skin feels super soft post the massage.

Though it’s too early to comment on how great this works as the anti-aging product, I am quite happy to use it as it doesn’t have the side effects like other products do.

That said, this is the first time I have liked Just Herbs product and I might repurchase this if I don’t find anything better in the meantime!


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

Price – 325 ₹ for 200 ml

Buy – Fab Bag (out of stock atm)

This is one of the products I was super duper excited about. I think this is the first time a TBS product has come in the fab bag (or was there any before?). This was on my wishlist like forever now, but looking at the price and knowing that there was no smaller size available, I was little hesitant. Now after trying out the sample I think this is the moisturizer I have been looking for.


City Color Be Matte Lipstick Phoebe

Price – 550 ₹

Buy –

City Color is the new brand introduced by the Fab Bag this month. Again, one of the reasons I was so excited to get the bag.

I love a lipstick any day and seeing a lipstick from a new brand often makes me super happy. What’s good is that this shade is super pretty, affordable and perfect for everyday wear.

It stays on for decent enough of time and is available in many lovely shades. Besides, I simply love the name of the shade.


So what did you like about this month’s bag? As for me, I am pretty happy with all the products I got this time!



Much Love

October Fab Bag 2016

October Fab Bag 2016

Wish you all a Very Happy Diwali! 

October Fab Bag 2016, in short, is simply awesome. If you have been following me on IG stories you’d know how badly I am obsessed with lip colors and related products at the moment. So imagine my happiness when October Fab Bag 2016 has more than one lip product. And like double icing on the cupcake, all the products came in a beautiful golden bag which looks pretty festive.

Of all the things what I love most about the Fab Bag is that they come up with the theme or season specific prints or styles for their bags, which I think is the loveliest thing.


Anyways here are the contents of this month’s bag.


October Fab Bag 2016 Products –

October Fab Bag 2016

CAL Liquid Lipstick in shade Blush Pink


Price – 450

This is the product which got me so excited about this month’s bag. It’s a matte liquid lipstick in a beautiful blush pink shade which suits any skin tone. This is a full-size product and the color itself is so pretty and festive. I can’t wait to try this and show how it looks!



Votre Lip Gel Scrub –


Price – 300

This is another product am pretty excited about from this month’s bag. You know how much I love lip scrubs and finding one in the bag, I am pretty happy. I seriously can’t wait to try this lip scrub and share my experience with you.

Another full-size product in this month’s bag, so a big thumbs-up to Fab Bag for this!


Kaya Brightening Serum


It’s been a while since I last used the products from Kaya. And this sample reminded me of getting back to this skincare line to check out their new products. I am definitely hoping that this tiny sample would show me some result so I can get the full size.

Else am planning on getting their AntOx Vi-C Formula.

Either way, brightening serum sounds pretty good!



Vedaearth Cleansing Facial Oil


Price – 350

I read many rave reviews and the benefits of using cleansing oil on the skin and luckily this one came just in time. Fortunately, there are good reviews about this brand on the internet so I am hoping this works well for me as well. Since its full size, I have plenty of chances to observe how well this works. Will keep you posted on this one!



Stay Quirky Nail Polish

Full Size

Price – 165

This is the first time I would be trying the nail polish from this brand. Again, I loved the swatches and reviews I read so far. So I am definitely happy to get this one.

Though, I would have preferred a much softer or wintery color to try one.



So those were the contents of my October Fab Bag 2016. What did you get in your bag?



Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali!




Much Love