23 thoughts on “Watercolor Abstract Floral Dress”

  1. I would definitely wear that dress! It looks so light , soft and flowy! A perfect summer dress to wear to anywhere and you can wear a pair of hightheels or a pair of sneakers! I want it!

  2. I love this dress with the bright florals and the fluted sleeves. Florals is definitely a trend this autumn. This outfit is perfect for afternoon tea!

  3. You honestly choose the cutest dresses! I love this one, the pattern is great and of course it looks stunning on you. Dorothy Perkins never disappoints.

  4. I agree with Azia, at first glance it looks like that the rug is part of the dress. It looks good though. Anyway, I love the dress, I can wear this in the office.

  5. This dress looks very comfy and summery! Please don’t hide your beautiful face in pictures, we’d love to see your makeup along with your outfit! 😘

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