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Take Less Waste Less

The Good You Can | Take Less Waste Less


I had an amazing midweek lunch date with my family earlier. Since we took out time to eat together after a long time, I wanted to make sure we have the best of the food and the all the…

Alapatt Diamonds

Alapatt Diamonds + Coupon Codes


Alapatt Diamonds   Alapatt Diamonds was the first name that came to my mind when I was asked for a trusted jeweler. I heard quite rave reviews from my friends who have tried their services earlier. So naturally it…

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill | Hyderabad


It is that magical time of the year when planning for customized gifts and gifts’ shopping is in the air. And what’s better way to express your affection to your loved one than with a unique gift that they…


Goa | My 3rd Trip + some favorites


Goa, Goa, Goa – there is no other place in India I travelled thrice back to back. Two of the trips were vacation with family and one was for an event. My first trip to Goa was for my…

sofy overnight

Say NO to Sleeping Ugly with Sofy Overnight


  Pic Courtesy – Pinterest Sleep deprivation is one of the major concerns for women these days. While work and family have a major role to play, another silent killer is the menstrual period. Every month most of the…

Reliance Digital

#BootUpYourLife with Reliance Digital


If you are someone like me who fancies things quite a lot then you’d know gadgets and gizmos are not far behind before they get into the wish list. It’s been a while since I have been using my…

Raw Pressery

RAW Pressery | Pom and Flush


RAW Pressery Juices caught my eye during my recent trip to grocery store. Earlier as a ritual I always picked OKF Aloe Juice every month but unfortunately they seemed to have vanished now. So I needed an alternative –…