Bridal Fashion | 6 Popular Bridal Veils to choose from

Bridal Veils

Bridal Fashion | 6 Popular Bridal Veils to choose from​


Brides often spend a lot of time searching for their one perfect Bridal Veil. It is often a daunting task to many when it comes to the choice. And for many it is a challenge since it has to be beautiful and elegant and also take into account the bridal trends of the year. Since even the tiniest of details can make the wedding dress the one to remember, veil has to be that one perfect thing that can make walking down the aisle a moment to remember for the rest of your life!

Veil is not just a customary to complement the wedding gown anymore but also is a key element for a well-planned wedding ceremony. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when you look for that one special bridal veil to match your gorgeous wedding outfit. And to help you, I am here today to share a little on the types of veils available out there. And also talk about the site I have come across in the process –


Here are the most popular Types of Bridal Veils


Fingertip Bridal Veils
This is the most popular of the veil choices. It reaches up to the fingertips and measures approximately 36 inches long. This matches perfectly to the majority of dress styles and hence is much admired too.


Cathedral Bridal Veils
This style is known for it being the longest and the most formal veil of all. It usually is up to 120 inches long and some measure up to 9 feet too. It works best with full length and the classic wedding gowns.


Elbow Bridal Veils
This one measures approximately 25 inches long. It falls close to the elbow area and hence the name. It is perfectly suited for a romantic ball style wedding gown.


Waltz Bridal Veils
Waltz and working length wedding veils is usually about 54 inches long. It is designed to fall between the knee and the ground.


Blusher Bridal Veils
This style usually covers the eyes or extends down up to the chin. It suits perfect for most of the modern high fashion style wedding gown. It is not only super stylish but also is considered to be hassle free.


Shoulder Bridal Veils
This style measures approximately 20 inches in length. It suits dresses that have details in the front and/or back of the bodice. It is considered to be an informal veil amongst all the other styles.



Whatever your choice of Wedding gown maybe, there is always that perfect Bridal Veil just made for you. You just need to know where to look for!


Here’s the site that stocks some of the best Bridal Veils you can ever imagine of. Go check out –



Since I prefer modern yet minimalitic style, my favorites are Fingertip and Blusher styles. What’s yours?




Much Love




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Outfit | White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

Outfit | White Lace Shrug


I have an addiction to purchasing lace. I can’t seem to have enough of it anytime.

And I also tend to deviate and change my determined self and end up buying these pretty little things every time I lay my eyes on them.

So believe me, it would be no wonder if my wardrobe is half full with these lace things. And I am not complaining!


And on one such moment was during my recent visit to the mall; I spotted this white lace shrug and I had to get it!

When it comes to lace, I am also very picky. I like the fabric to be delicate and soft that doesn’t irritate even the sensitive skin and feels airy and super comfortable even in summer.


For me, this lace shrug was such! And since I had never got a white lace shrug before (Ivory definitely does not look anything like white… right?!) I was more than happy to splurge a little more than I had planned to.


Luckily this wasn’t so expensive plus I had already imagined a dozen combinations in my head using this with my georgette spaghettis which am dying to wear come this summer! So there was no way I would let go of that last piece left in the store!


In fact, as you are reading this I can bet you that I might have worn this more couple of times already.


White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

Outfit Details

Shrug | Liva Fluid Fashion

Dress | Xdressy

Veil | bestweddingveil

Sandals | Carlton London

Watch – Casio Baby G

(Black bag in the background is also from CL)



I think my obsession with white has moved on to my wardrobe items, which means I better be prepared to care little extra for my whites.

Do you have many whites like me in your wardrobe? How do you care for these delicate white things?




Much Love

Jashn | Store Visit Review


Jashn was my store of choice when I wanted to revamp my closet. It’s been a while since we moved to our own place and now that am almost done with shopping for décor and other items for the room and wardrobe, I wanted to add some new pieces to my closet.

And since Anniversary is just around the corner, what can be a better reason than to shop at my favorite store!


For long I have been shopping for new things to add to my closet, which practically is now overflowing with the latest stuff from my all time favorite brands, except for the fact that all are western.


I did not shop anything that is even remotely close to the Indo-Western let alone Traditional wear. And that I haven’t realized until late.

So I took this opportunity to stop by my favorite Jashn store today.

And like always the collection was simply superb!

While I usually deviate more towards the Indo-Western style, since its Anniversary, I checked out their Designer wear this time and I must confess it’s pure love!

The colors, the intricate designs, and luxurious fabrics simply took me by surprise. I am not much of a Saree person but then I tried two of them. Here are the pics –









One thing I have always loved about this store is that it stocks the latest designs and patterns plus has the most beautiful colors that are season appropriate. Here are few shots showing some of the designs I loved from their recent collection –








Here’s a quick glance at the colorful store –



While I am yet to decide if I want red or black or simply ditch both for the white and gold saree, if you are near by Jashn, do simply drop by to check out their wonderful collection.

They have an amazing Designer Sarees Collection and if that’s not on mind, you should check out their Indo-Western wear. They seem pretty fun and chic to wear this season!


Much Love


Farbod Barsum | An Ultimate Destination for Exotic Handbags



Farbod Barsum

Handbag| The Empress in Pink Alligator

As an essential element and fashion staple, a handbag for any stylish woman and a fashionista is not something that is chosen at random.

It not only has to satisfy the daily requirements of a handbag but also act as an unparalleled fashion selection too. Many times it’s more than just that, it is a fashion fix, one-of-a-kind fashion treasure, an ice-breaker and a conversation starter.

Then shouldn’t such a staple be unique?


Today am here to talk about a wonderful site I have come across that caters the luxury and exotic handbags that are handcrafted to perfection. These bags are one of a kind and are made with great attention to details. They even include custom hardware which is hand cast and polished one piece at a time.


Clients include The Royals, the Queens of Denmark and Spain, a Saudi Arabian Princess to Style icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, Louise Roe, and Christina Hendricks.


Sounds amazing?

Farbod Barsum

Farbod Barsum is an ultimate destination for handcrafted luxury and exotic couture skin handbags and accessories.
Farbod Barsum the designer and creative force behind the exotic bags collection gets his inspiration from his love for architecture and nature. He hand selects the materials that are going to be used on each product making sure each and every handbag at Barsum is handcrafted to perfection.

And that’s not all; Barsum was the first to incorporate the Swarovski Crystals and Feathers into their exotic collection. They are even the first to invent and use two or more different exotics on one bag making that as their Signature Style.

They were also the first to source and implement materials in a couture level such as the use of fused ostrich leg panels and Pirarucu fish skin.

They specialize in transforming exceptionally rare materials to use them in their collections which are in fact wearable art for everyday life!


Here is a video wherein Mr. Farbod Barsum himself talks about his most famous Signature bag The Empress – Genuine Alligator and Ostrich Handbag


If SJP approves, you know it’s worth it!


Here are few things you might want to know –

  • These bags cost anything between USD 2k – 30k
  • The sources of materials are sustainably harvested and dyed in chrome free tanneries making their approach to design both ethical and ecologically sound.
  • They use exotic skins such as American alligator, African ostrich and Amazonian pirarucu (pirarucu fish skin is a difficult material to handcraft and requires dexterity and time)
  • All the skins are registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and meet strict compliance with the international requirements of CITES.
  • Their bags are sought after by  International Royalty, Celebrities, and Socialites alike.



Much Love


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#DontGetFooled and Pay More, Visit Brand Factory First!


Brand Factory

Brand Factory, once again is back with some mega sale and this time I stopped by Lingampally store (near BHEL) to check out the deals and discounts.

This is one store which never disappoints me. Any time of the year I step in, I find discounts and offers always running. But this time I was more than surprised. They had my favorite brands on amazing discounts. Yay!

Brand Factory


If Buy 1 Get 1 Free is not amazing, then I don’t know what else is!


Their ethnic wear collection is one of the best here. Available in vibrant and festive colors, these were priced at as low as half the original price!

They even had these amazing Kurtis is solid colors as well as in modern and contemporary prints. These were the amazing picks for the work and daily wear. While am a big fan of all things festive and glittery, these simple chic Kurtis absolutely stole my heart!

All this and again, most of these were almost at 50% discount which is half the price of what they are on online sites and other retail stores!

Brand Factory

Irresistible colors, irresistible offers!

If at all I had to show you my favorite picks from today’s visit, then these are the ones –

Brand Factory


Brand Factory

Like you can see, there were some major brands too that had their best collection on sale. Apart from flat 50% off, many of these brands including Zink London and Lee Cooper  (they are my favorite) had Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer. *Gasps*

Luckily I was among the first few who went in the early hours of the sale time and so I hardly came across the crowd. But by the time I was at the billing counter, there was a queue even near the trial rooms.

So if you are like me who likes to avoid the crowd and loves to shop at leisure even during sale time, first hours are the best to hit the store! So don’t wait up, plan for tomorrow now!

I ended up picking some Kurtis in bright and peppy colors for my friends and family. After all, Diwali is the time to gift the ones you love so much! I definitely can’t wait to go back and check out their denim collection which I missed today.


There are raining discounts everywhere in Brand Factory if shopping is on the mind; this is where you need to be.

After all, why pay more when you can get for less? #DontGetFooled and visit Brand Factory first!

And if that didn’t convince you enough, this surely will……..

Brand Factory


Don’t forget to connect –

Also check –

Happy Shopping




Much Love



5 Handbag Trends straight from Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016

handbag trends

Courtesy – Pinterest

One of my biggest obsessions till date has been the handbags. I can never get enough of these fancy little things despite my overflowing wardrobe. Besides the fact that the handbag is an essential part of the wardrobe of every woman, it is also an important fashion staple for every fashion and style blogger. No great outfit is ever complete without a fabulous handbag.
So today am talking about handbags and this fall/winter 2016 handbag trends that are bang on point. Here I have listed 5 of my favorite handbag trends straight from the Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 and also some discount wholesale handbags too.


Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 Handbag Trends
Saddle Bags
This 70’s style is still pretty much on the fashion radar and is seen in many of the fashion shows!
While the Chloe Drew is a classic example and also my dream bag, there are many budget alternatives to sport this style.
This no-nonsense handbag style is the most versatile of all. It goes with almost any outfit and never goes out of fashion, obviously making this one of my all time favorites.

Handbag trends



Fringe Bags
Whether your style is bohemian or indo-western, or simply modern chic, this handbag style never ceases to grab eyeballs. This trend was seen in New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 during Tory Burch and Tommy Hilfiger shows in blush and tan colors.
Now, aren’t they simply the perfect fall colors mixed with the most eye catchy handbag trend?

Handbag trends



Shopper or Oversized Bags
Maximalist in style, this one is definitely many shoppers delight. Besides carrying the whole world with you, it is also one of the most popular handbag trends with many fashion and style bloggers.

Handbag trends


Cross Body
The choice in cross body handbags seems to be endless. From solid colors to go matchy –matchy with the outfit, to embellished and exotic designs and patterns, these handbags have been seen in shows like Burberry, Chanel, and Givenchy this Fall 2016.

Handbag trends


Animal Print

This exotic trend has changed the fashion game altogether this fall 2016. From tiger and leopard print to snake and crocodile print; this fall 2016 has seen a variety of animal print handbags.
From timeless neutral colors to chic pop of colors, this style is definitely here to stay for a very long time.
So these are my favorite 5 handbag trends this Fall/Winter 2016. These handbags can be owned easily with some discount western purses.

Handbag trends


What do you think? Which one is your favorite handbag trend?

Whatever is your favorite trend make sure to look for the discount handbags wholesale to get best offers.


Much Love



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None of the pictures used in the post are mine.

1 & 2 picture courtesy – here and here