Fab Bag June 2018

Fab Bag June 2018

Fab Bag June 2018

Fab Bag June 2018 had two products from my favorite brand, need I say more? One thing I absolutely love about Fab Bag is that I got introduced to SUGAR Cosmetics, it is one brand I often go to for most of my nail colors and lip colors. That aside, almost every new launch by SUGAR Cosmetics, Fab Bag has got me covered.

Luckily, the products from SUGAR are always full size and I think that’s pretty generous amounts of beauty in a bag!


Anyways, here’s what came in Fab Bag June 2018

Fab Bag June 2018


Fab Bag June 2018

SUGAR Never Say Dry Creme Lipstick – 06 Raisin Helen

Full Size

Price – 499


This has to be one of my favorite shades from SUGAR Cosmetics to date. Its non-drying formula keeps the lips soft and supple for a very long time. It applies slightly glossy but settles into a fine sheen, also leaving a faint tint of color on the lips at the end of the day. And the color itself is such a gorgeous everyday color, it would be perfect for any occasion.

Luckily this color can be manipulated to suit our mood. Apply and dab it with the fingertips for that soft natural look or simply build up the color for a neutral lip color that is not too loud.

If you haven’t checked out this shade, I insist you do; especially if you are into neutral colors like me.


SUGAR Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer – 962 Peacher Perfect

Full Size

Price – 199

I have always loved their nail colors and their Classic Collection is my by far my favorite. Peacher Perfect is such a pretty everyday color, plus the formula as always is simply perfect.

A single coat gives a good opaque finish but just for that perfect finish, I love to use two. This one doesn’t particularly need a top coat but as a ritual, I always use one to make the polish on my nails long last and to protect from color fading and chipping.

I can’t wait to check out the other colors from this collection.


Kronokare Forest of Bengal Shower Gel

Price = 140 for 30ml


Unfortunately, this is one brand I often skip. Their products have a strong scent (at least for me). So, this is positively going to end up at my sister’s place soon. She kinda loves this brand and I am happy to make her happy 🙂

Would you like a quick review of the same? I can get her to do that for you. Let me know in the comments.


Luis & Luth Silver Face Gel

Full Size

Price – 1299


This is definitely another highlight after Sugar Cosmetics. I have heard so much of Silver face gel and here I see a full-size product.  Though am yet to try (am on a detox week, so no new products on my face either) and kinda hoping I love this. I have heard so much about these silver face gels, I am beyond happy to give this a go!

Will keep you posted on this one


APS Cosmetofood Exfoliating Olive Scrub

Price – 80 for 120ml


Who doesn’t love a scrub? I have been hoarding scrubs lately – body, face & lips; and believe me when I say I was more than happy to try a new one.

Weekends are always pampering days for me and I have plans to give this a shot this time. So keep an eye on my insta stories and I will quickly update on this one.


That said, Fab Bag itself is quite pretty this time. I loved the solid color block theme and I hope the coming one will be more fabulous as always!


What have you loved from Fab Bag June 2018?


Much Love




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MyGlamm would never have crossed my mind if I never got to see/test their products. Now that I did, I seriously feel so outdated and felt like I was probably living under a rock!

If you have felt the same after checking out their products, you are not alone! And to everyone who didn’t even glance, trust me you are missing out on some great products.

Now when they said, guilt-free glamour they seriously weren’t kidding! Most of their products are multi-taskers. They not only look freaking beautiful and stunning but also are easy to use.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite picks from MyGlamm.



Stay Defined

Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder in Walnut & Ebony




This is by far my first favorite of the lot! If you are anything like me who loves liners and kohls more than other eye makeup, you’d know how tedious it is to find an eyeliner to our liking.

Matte black and easy to use, this one works like a charm! Plus, it wouldn’t budge that easily, so rest assured it’s long lasting and doesn’t need a touchup.

And that’s not all, it has brow powder on the other side which only means super convenience.

I have tried so many brow powder palettes till date and I can assure you, none of them ever made into my travel list ever after I managed to break one on a trip.

Brow powder palettes and travel are simply not made for each other. But this one, oh my! That was a genius idea.

But a word of caution, that innocent looking wand packs a punch of powder. So, go easy and build it slowly without going overboard. And in secs, you will have a perfect looking arch umm let’s say power brows!

And if that’s not all, the formula is sweat and waterproof (I have tried this literally and it didn’t budge till I wanted it to be gone).


Price – 1095 ₹

You can buy this here –  2 in 1 Liquid Liner + HD Powder 



Two of your Kind

Gel Finish Long Lasting Nail Enamel Duo – Melon Mania & Nude is Nice


I hoard nail polishes, well you know that already! But do you know that I also get bored pretty easily and often ditch the polishes just after a couple of applications

These huge nail polish bottles are clearly not for me, as much as I hate to part I must confess I need room for new things in life!

On that line, this one is simply perfect! Both of these shades are perfect for any occasion. They are not only fabulous for everyday wear but also work effortlessly with your workwear (not that I need one specifically, but I like to pretend I have such occasions).

These are cute with stunning packaging and give a flawless application. Again, these are travel-friendly (did I ever mention I carry nail polish too on my travels & always hunt for minis?) and make stunning props for Instagram posts.


Price – 390 ₹

You can buy this lovely nail color duo here – Nude Blush


Perfect Curves

Lip Brush


This one is beyond beautiful! Have you ever bought makeup stuff just because it was too pretty?

This brush is too pretty to pass, plus, for someone like me who loves lipsticks and who finds it extremely difficult to get matching lip liners, lip brushes always come to the rescue.

It is all that and it’s too pretty! It is as simple as that.

Yes, keep spotting this one in my coming insta-posts!

Price – 750 ₹

You can buy this gorgeous brush here – Lip Brush


2 in 1 Matte Lipstick & Lipliner in Biscotti



In short, a lip crayon! If you haven’t loved lip crayons yet as much I do, then you haven’t tried it the way you should!

These crayon lipsticks not only work as a lip liner but also do the job of a lipstick. Line and fill, and there you have the perfectly painted lips!

Biscotti is a pretty everyday color and most importantly any season color. Its creamy matte formula is flawless and doesn’t settle in fine lines or make the lips dry thanks to the argan oil extracts!

Easy to use and easy to touch up, this one is super convenient and travel-friendly too!

Price – 795  ₹

Buy this lip liner here – Biscotti


Colour Fusion

Plumping Lipstick + Plumping Lipgloss – Mystique



On my Lips – Plumping Lipstick in Mystique

MyGlamm MyGlamm

Not that I need any more plumping up to my lips, but I was curious about this range! Again, I chose a Summer-perfect color and something more of a natural color so I can experiment with other lip colors I already own.

Winged eyes and glossy lips are summer essentials, so this had to be in my list (obviously)!

And if you have guessed already, the combination of these two is simply stunning!


Here are the swatches of the Lipstick/Lipliner in Biscotti and Plumping Lipstick + Plumping Lipgloss – Mystique



Price – 995 ₹

You can buy this gorgeous fusion lip color here – Mystique


Chisel It

3 in 1 Highlighter + Blush + Bronzer




I am not much of a makeup person when it comes to everyday routine, I simply stick to prep+prime, foundation, kohl, mascara, and lip color. But there are occasions when I like to use a bronzer. And many more occasions when I simply want everything in one place and everything handy. This 3 in 1 palette is all that and more.


Price – 1250 ₹

You can buy this gorgeous palette here – Show Stopper


Overall, I am more than impressed. I need more of their nail colors and hope to try their mascara too. Not that I don’t have enough mascaras but am guessing (after trying all these products) it would be a lot more than it meets the eye!


That said, MyGlamm collection is simply stunning and would make amazing gifts to friends and family (not to forget Self).


So what are you waiting for?

Which ones have you got your eyes on?



Much Love




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Fab Bag May 2018

Fab Bag 2018

Fab Bag May 2018


Summer has been pretty crazy for me. Traveling, get-togethers, late-night chit chats; I am super exhausted. But one thing that got me quite excited was the Fab Bag May 2018.

If you have been around here for a while, you’d know Fab Bag is one of my favorite Beauty Subscriptions from India. Their selection of products often match my moods and I couldn’t be any happier. Hope they explore more such brands – local and international and keep amusing me like always!


Coming back. here’s what I got in my Fab Bag May 2018


NELF USA Velvet Touch Creamy Matte Lipstick – Pure Peach

Full Size

Price – 799 ₹


One of the prettiest shades I got so far! It is a perfect everyday color and suits all Indian Skin tones. While am not a big fan of the packaging, color seems to be quite pretty.

Can’t wait to give this a try!



NELF USA Professional Eyeliner

Full Size

Price – 225 ₹


I received the shade brown and I must say it’s quite flattering. If you have observed, I am more inclined towards neutrals and soft colors lately, so this one was much welcomed.

Will do a proper FOTD soon and share with you guys soon



TJORI Night Skin Repair Elixir

Full Size

Price – 995 ₹


I have tried this twice so far (since I came from my trip) and I must confess, this skin quite nourished in the morning after the previous night application.

However, the scent is too strong and I find it pretty uncomfortable to sleep with this one on. I was thinking of diluting it and see if it works.

Do you guys have any recommendations for me on how to minimize the strong scent?



Imiana House Rhoco 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask

Price – 300 ₹ for 25 gm


2 in 1 scrub & mask sounds pretty good, can’t wait to try this out. Will update you on this!



Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 PA++

Price – 75 â‚ą for 20ml


The name is not new, I liked the fact that this is such a cute tube and easy to carry around. It definitely went into my handbag immediately. Now no more covering up myself like crazy while in the car.



FEM De-Tan Orange Peel Creme Bleach

Full Size

Price – 40 ₹


This one came just in time. After all my tripping and running around, skin definitely has tanned a lot and I need a quick pick me up face pack. And since I have two weddings to attend in coming days, I couldn’t be thankful for this one.


So that’s what came in my Fab Bag 2018. With 4 full sized and 2 sample sized products, Fab Bag didn’t disappoint at all. And fortunately, products seem to be just perfect for the weddings I need to get ready for!


What have you got in your Fab Bag 2018?


Much Love


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Fab Bag April 2018

Fab Bag April 2018

Fab Bag April 2018

Another month and another fabulous bag from Fab Bag. I love beauty subscription bags but I am at the same time very picky. Fab Bag has definitely been my favorite for a pretty long time now, so it’s no wonder I am happy with this month’s bag as well!

Here’s what I got in my Fab Bag April 2018 –

Fab Bag April 2018


Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Lip Wand – Amour

Full Size

Price – 1799


One can’t go wrong with this shade – Amour. It’s a perfect everyday color and most importantly, suits the summer mood. I love how subtle and soft the color looks but don’t be fooled, it’s easy to pack a little more color and still look fabulous. Its non-drying formula helps keep the lips soft and supple while giving a lovely color. And since lip crayons are more comfortable to use and carry around (atleast for me), this is definitely a winner for me!


Mond’Sub Skin Beauty Collagen Lip Mask

Full size

Price – 200


This is my favorite product in this month’s bag! It left my lips super soft and supple. I used this lip mask after using the Bliscent Lip scrub and I must confess, my lips never looked so better! I might hoard on these lip masks soon it is that good!


Nirvaana Handmade Pure Aloe Vera Gel – Rose 

Full Size

Price – 50


I haven’t got around to using this gel yet but trust me when I say it smells good. i never heard aloe gel with rose, so am pretty excited to give this a try! And I love to use gels to slather up after a good scrub so I can’t wait to try this over the weekend!


Bliscent Lip Scrub – Pineapple Kiss

Full size

Price – 200


I can never have enough of the lip scrubs (yes I hoard them if I am honest) and yet I assure you that this is one of my favorites. It smells like pineapple, reminds me of the summer holidays and the beaches! So yeah this is definitely another favorite of mine!


The first thing that struck me most was, Fab Bag April 2018 bag has all the 4 products in full size. And let’s be honest, the team did a really good job in keeping the products in sync. Like lip scrub – lip mask – lip color and an aloe rose gel for the face! So rest assured, for summer the beauty section is taken care of!


That said, it’s almost the time to wait for next month’s bag. Are you excited yet? I can’t wait already.


Buy here – Fab Bag

Which product from Fab Bag April 2018 impressed you most?



Much Love



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Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner Review

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is one of the latest products from the brand Klairs. If you have been following me here for some time, you’d know how much I loved their Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask, it is still one of my favorite products that I have tried in the recent past. And not to forget I am in love with their cleansing oil too, which I hope will share more about in my upcoming posts!

Coming back, Klairs Toner is not new. It is still one of their best products. What new is their new unscented version. It is much gentler, very hydrating and it has no scent!

If you have a sensitive and irritant skin, then this unscented toner is what you need. Trust me!

This is claimed to be one of the best toners in the K beauty section at the moment. It is the non-irritating, it rejuvenates and restores hydration of the tired skin all this and no scent!

Here are few things you should know –

+ It helps faster absorption and enhanced hydration
+ It balances pH level of the skin
+ It is a calming formula
+ It is Non-irritant

 Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner



Enhanced Hydration

It balances the pH level of the skin and improves the overall effectiveness of the entire skincare regime. It is a blend of various plant extracts and soothing ingredients, which makes this more calming, non-irritating, hydrating for all skin types even for the most sensitive.

Faster absorption and Enhanced Moisture

It makes the skin glow brighter with high moisture retention. When used with a prescribed upgraded moisturizer, it rapidly absorbs into the skin and also prolongs the hydration by more than 20% than conventional toners.

Version II

The Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

The unscented toner is the second version of the Original toner that excludes the essential oils, which makes it scent-free. While the original toner contains non-irritating all natural essential oils, the unscented was made to provide an option for users who do not prefer scents.

Price – $21.99

Buy – Wishtrend


+ The unscented toner to people who are sensitive to scent.
+ The original toner to people who like the natural oil scent.


Overall, I have loved using this toner over the last few days. Klairs is now my favorite brand to reach out to all my skin care needs!

Have you used Klairs Toner yet? Which one do you prefer – scented or non-scented?



Much Love



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Fab Bag March 2018

Fab Bag March 2018


Fab Bag March 2018

Fab Bag March 2018 was the much-awaited one for me. And why not, it had the most beautiful lip color from Sugar Cosmetics latest launch. When I picked this color I sincerely hoped it would suit me, as most of the neutral lip colors wash me out. But luckily this one didn’t!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a similar lip liner to give that perfect lip look and to cover up my slightly pigmented lips. And still, this worked just fine! This surely would look so much better on non-pigmented lips or properly lined lips.

That said, here’s what I got in my Fab Bag March 2018


SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolor 

Shade – Felt Fawn

Full Size

Price – 799

Fab Bag March 2018

Like you see, this shade is the bomb! And if I have to talk about the formula, I simply love it. It is so much like NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams but better, more in terms of choice of colors! Unlike NYX, Sugar has shades that suit the Indian skin tones perfectly.



NELF USA Colossal Eyeliner

Shade – Blue Sapphire

Full Size

Price – 150


I was pretty impressed with NELF primer which I received in my February bag. Seeing another product from this brand in this month too is definitely a joyous thing for me. Too bad am going to a hill station this weekend and not a beach. Else this would have been the perfect partner in crime!



Health Vit Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Full Size

Price – 200


Needless to say, this is the one am most thankful about! I definitely needed a good face wash, not to forget I need products to pack for my travel and what’s better than a charcoal face wash when it’s a road trip! I am surely sorted in the matter of skincare section for now!


Kara Scentric Bleu Perfume


Price – 74 for 2ml


This one just came on time too! I have stocked many perfume samples so far to carry when I go vacationing. These mini samples are not only handy but give me an opportunity to carry more so more the merrier (always).



Bonus – Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

And need I say more? These not only look so much better than the regular ones when it comes to carrying one in the handbag, but also god forbid I run into an emergency situation while on road trip, disposing of these would be neat as well!

This reminds me, I need to pick one Pee safe spray too! Yes, am way too much excited to keep calm but then I can’t help but love this month’s bag! Like you can see, most of these have come super handy to me!


Lastly, it’s no surprise why they have named this month’s bag as The Game Changer! I am super happy with what I got in my Fab Bag March 2018. What about you? Which shade did you pick from Sugar Cosmetics?


And if you haven’t picked Felt Fawn, I insist you do! Trust me you will love it.


Buy – here




Much Love




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​[JOLSE] ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm

​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm

ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm is the latest product that I have tried earlier this month. This is again from a Korean brand and you know how much I am crazy about Korean products especially when they are skincare!  ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm, like the name suggests is a two-tone lip balm. While one is more like a balm giving that natural pink look to the lips, the other is slightly pinker. This one is great if you want a flawless gradient lip look without much hassle! Otherwise too, it’s like carrying two lip balms in one tube. Now, how cool is that! There are 3 variants in this collection and I picked pink!

​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm ​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm
I chose pink as it is more natural color and would be perfect for the Spring/Summer. Since I am more deviating towards simple, natural and hassle-free look these days, this makes a great addition to my routine.
​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm
Here’s what I love about ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm –
1. It comes in a simple and minimalistic style packing
2. It comes in an off-white, slightly shiny tube
3. It has a moisturizing and nourishing formula
4. It is easy to use and the color or the tint can be layered
5. It is convenient and super easy to achieve a flawless gradient look
6. It doesn’t settle in the fine lines
7. It leaves behind a light tint and keeps the lips soft for a long time
8. It has a pleasant scent
What I do not Like –
1. It has a slightly sticky texture and the color transfers if not careful
Luckily, using a tissue to dab to take off that extra color and stickiness works perfectly. So far I have loved using the natural pink side of the balm. It looks perfect for everyday wear and that natural pink tint stays till I get to do a touch-up! Since it comes in a classy packing of a lipstick, it doesn’t look like a balm stick at all and it’s so pretty to carry around too.
I think choosing pink worked out just perfect for me, I honestly couldn’t be any happier!
Have you tried this ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm yet?
Price – 15.55$ (currently on discount and you can grab this for just 12.44$)
Buy – Jolse.com
What have you tried recently from Jolse? Seeing so many discounts, I might shop a little this weekend 🙂
Much Love

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Fab Bag February 2018

Fab Bag February 2018

Fab Bag February 2018


Fab Bag February 2018 wasn’t anything less than a bag of happiness! When I was given a choice, I picked a primer from Nelf as opposed to foundation. I desperately needed a primer as mine ran out and the samples I got recently wouldn’t survive longer!

Plus, I have used MAC for so long that I definitely wanted a change! See what other brands do and find if I can get a favorite in the hunt.

I am so glad I didn’t choose otherwise, I am super happy with the NELF Primer and I can’t thank Fab Bag enough for that!


While I have another product from Fab Bag February 2018 that I absolutely loved (surprise!), here’s what I got in my bag first –

Fab Bag February 2018


NELF USA HD Primer – Hydrating Primer

Full Size

Price – 850 ₹

Like I said, this is my favorite of the lot! This vaguely reminds me of the Korean primers I have used earlier. It not only gives a smoothening effect to the skin but also has a faint scent which I really love.

It has a balmy texture which instantly melts into the skin giving a flawless finish! If you are planning to invest in a good primer, give this a shot!

Or if you still have an option to choose this for your February Fab Bag, don’t miss this one.


Fab Bag February 2018

Fab Bag February 2018

Major Crush by Ayushi Pure Matte Nail Lacquer

Full Size

Price – 199 ₹

If you have been around here for a while, you’d know am not a fan of matte nail polishes. I really was about to skip this one but the color kinda called me! It’s such a stunning red, I had to try. Plus, if you have been checking out my Instagram lately, you’d know this would be a perfect color to match my theme for February.

I can’t tell you, how impressed I am! Color, application and even the staying power is fabulous. If there is one thing I disliked, it is its strong scent. Thank god, that stays for a little while so this definitely gets a thumbs up from me.



Purple Essentionaturals Bath Salt

Full Size

Price – 450 ₹

This brand is a new introduce so I definitely can’t comment before I give a try. On a side note, this one sounds promising and I tucked this away for my upcoming vacation.

What’s a vacation without some pampering?

So keep an eye on my instastories coming March!



Tvakh White Tea Rose Deep Pore Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub


Price – 172 ₹  for 50 gm

Another favorite of mine from this month’s bag! I love anything Rose (have you seen my Instagram lately?) and this one sounded too good to miss!

This scrub gives a smooth and fresh feeling after every use. Since I use a scrub once a week, I haven’t been able to use this more than twice so far and at the moment, I totally love it!



Purple Essentionaturals Milk & Honey show Gel

Full Size

Price – 594 ₹


This is the 2nd product from this brand in this month. Since I was looking for travel sizes for my vacay, I have set this aside too.

And like I said, keep an eye on my instastories coming month! I will share my quick reviews soon!



Acnes Whitening Clarifying Face Wash


Price – 5 ₹  per sachet


I never had a reason to try this so far, but from what I know my sister loved this. So I have passed these on to her and I still hear a positive feedback!

So if you have similar concerns, this brand is worth the shot! Plus, they have sachets which are not only convenient

on the go but also easy on the pocket! So let me know if you try this and if it worked for you too!


So that’s all from me for this Fab Bag February 2018. With 4 full-sized products, this bag is worth more than 2000 ₹. Do you still need a reason why I love this Fab Bag so much?


Hope these mini-reviews helped you!

Fab Bag February 2018


Much Love




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Fab Bag January 2018

Fab Bag January 2018

Fab Bag January 2018

Fab Bag January 2018 was quite a surprise! It had not one but two products from my favorite brand. I think I was pretty much joyful at that alone. This is the first time seeing a bronzer in the beauty bag and I couldn’t be happier! Plus I was given the choice to pick my shade, how awesome is that!

Honestly, getting a choice to choose the shade I would love to try is the best part. In that context, though I love Ipsy bag too, I never got to choose any product with them till date! So you can imagine why I love the Fab Bag so much!


Buy here – Fab Bag


Anyways, here are the products from Fab Bag January 2018 –

Fab Bag January 2018



SUGAR Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Lipstick – 07 Viola


Price – â‚ą 625 for 2.5gms


SUGAR Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Lipstick Collection is one of their best so far! And if you haven’t checked out these stunning lip crayons yet, I insist you do!

Viola is a pretty every day shade. Since it’s a soft color, it very much looks fabulous with any outfit. I personally love it with my black outfits and/or heavily kohled eyes.

And since it’s a mini, it’s perfect for travel too!



SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Bronzer – 02 Woody Wonder

Full Size

Price – ₹ 399


I am not much of a contour person but once a while I do love to try it out to see if I can work with it into my routine. That said, I love how convenient it is to carry around too. Packaging is simple and fuss-free, plus I think I picked the correct shade (am not expert in matters of contour)



Nirvaana Handmade Soap – Orange Honey

Full Size

Price – â‚ą 200


I am yet to try this one but Orange and Honey is definitely my kind of thing. For first impressions, this is without a doubt smells wonderful and I can’t wait to try. Will keep you posted on this one once I have used enough to share my opinion with you.



Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips Full Body Waxing Kit (Normal Skin)

Full Size

Price – ₹ 99


I have used their wax strips earlier and find them pretty amusing, fuss free and easy to use. These are perfect to carry when in travel,



Vedantika Herbals LemonGrass Face Wash


Price – ₹ 150 for 50ml


Did I mention, I love the scent of lemongrass? Plus, these sample sized products are just perfect for travel. So I am saving this one for my upcoming travel!



Acnes Purifying Clarifying Face Wash

2 Sachets

Price – ₹ 5 per sachet


For starters, I love the idea of sachets for a face wash. These are quite handy to take around and would be perfect for travel too.

Since I have no acne problem at the moment, I am saving this for later!



So those were the products in my Fab Bag January 2018. 


Have you got yours yet? Which product is your most favorite?



Much Love


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​[JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream

JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream is another amazing product I got to try earlier this month! If you know me, you know how much I love Korean Skincare, so trust me when I say this one is an amazing find!


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream not only tones up the skin immediately but also brightens, moisturizes the skin and imparts an instant healthy glow.

JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone

Here’s what it claims –

  1. It’s instant velvety/silky white cream formula immediately tone-ups the dull skin tone bright.
  2. Niacinamide and vitamin capsules brighten and whiten the skin.
  3. The 5 natural moisturizing ingredients fill the skin with a moisture glow.
  4. The cream formula adheres to the skin, expressing even skin tone by forming a protective barrier on the skin.


Price – $26

Buy – Jolse.com


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone

What I Love –

  • It comes in an easy-to-use tube
  • It gives an even skin-tone and brightens up the face
  • It gives a matte finish to the skin
  • It works well under makeup too (using a powder foundation or compact suits more)
  • It neutralizes the skin tone, making the makeup look flawless
  • It keeps skin looking bright all day long


What I do not Love –

  • It needs a lot of blending


Use a little product to work with and keep adding wherever required. Since it’s only needed little, trying to work with a lot of product will only leave a whitish cast on the face.

On a side note, I found this work extremely well under a good moisturizer or even using a moisturizer over it to keep the skin more supple. Maybe since it’s winter, my skin seemed to crave more for moisturizer, this should work well in summer when we want less shiny and matte faces all day long (will update this post on how this works in summer for me).


I love this one more for the reason that it neutralizes my yellow skin tone and makes my makeup look better and brighter. 


Overall, JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream is definitely a great find for me.


Have you tried this yet?



Much Love



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